Manu J.Pacheco was born in Toledo. Very young he begins to draw first lines on paper and carry out his first experiences in painting on oil, copying the great masters such as Picasso, who greatly influenced the way to see life and objects that surround us. He participates in various collective exhibitions, collaborates in mural paintings, always self-taught, learning about everything.

Later he moved to Granada where he studied at the School of Arts and Crafts in the section of artistic engraving with Julio Espadafor.  After that he enters in Fine Arts for two years.

He begins an evolution of research in new fields of plastic arts, in painting going to acrylic, collages and sculpture, with different materials such as clay, metal, wood, methacrylate and recycled materials

The artist thinks that the materials are the least important when you have something to say, he believes that plastic arts are an open window to the imagination, which invite to look at it to enter it and think about. It is a means of communication of the daily life that surrounds us and not just a decorative medium.